The easiest way to track, invoice, and report time and materials...
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Finally, affordable software!

The original purchase price is $595 CAD per license with an annual renewal fee of $129 CAD per license. The first renewal begins on the anniversary date of the original purchase.

$595 CAD per license

How can I buy a Time and Material Tracker license?

Click the Buy Now button above. You can pay with any major credit card or your PayPal account. Immediatly after payment, you will be instantly emailed your software license key code for Time and Material Tracker. Login to your email; you will have received an email titled License Information for Time and Material Tracker. Copy and paste the license key code from the email into the Buy Now window in Time and Material Tracker to activate the software.

Time and Material Tracker is another fine product of True-Profit Construction Software Inc. Thus, payment is made to True-Profit Construction Software Inc.; your purchase of Time and Material Tracker will appear on your statement as TRUEPROFITC.

What about delivery / shipment? Do I need a CD / disk?

A CD is not necessary. What is important is your software license key code that will be instantly emailed to you after payment. Store this key in a safe place. You can return to this site to keep downloading the latest software upgrades for free to stay current. Therefore, there is no point in shipping a disk, because the disk will become outdated. Keep returning to the site for free software upgrades. As long your license is valid, the software will work.

Affordable software with a high ROI - Return on Investment.

T & M Tracker pays itself off and more only after your first few progress claims...

If you put a monetary value on your hours and calculated how much it would cost in you in dollars to manually produce the monthly invoice and reports that Time and Material Tracker automatically produces for you, you would discover that Time and Materal Tracker pays itself off and more only after the first couple of progress claims for the amount of time/overhead saved.

A quick "Cost/Benefit" Analysis on Time and Materal Tracker...

Peform a quick "cost/benefit" analysis and you will see how the benefits of Time and Materal Tracker far outweigh its cost.

In fact, if you pass on Time and Materal Tracker now, you could be missing out something that could bring tremendous benefits to your company...

This is the "user friendly" software that you have been waiting for, designed and developed within the construction industry to solve the problems faced by a contractor just like you.

Time and Materal Tracker will not only will eliminate your pains, but it can also save you money, increase your yearly revenue, and improve your bottom line.

Time and Materal Tracker will become an important and exciting asset to your company.

A quick "Cost/Benefit" Analysis on Time and Materal Tracker says BUY...

Take advantage of this opportunity by being a progressive thinker for your company and get up and running with Time and Materal Tracker now...

You can get up and running and progressing your first T & M contract in Time and Materal Tracker in just a few simple steps with minimum setup...

Just think of all the pains that you will be eliminating and all the time that you will save.

Most importantly, now you can finally submit your progress claims without feeling that you may have "missed something" or that you may have made a "double entry" and overprogressed...

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