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Cost Reporting - Select from a suite of pre-calculated, pre-defined, niche cost reports to suite your needs or dynamically create your own custom reports on the fly using the Report Wizard...

With every billing period, T & M expenses are either manually entered or imported into Time and Material Tracker and are allocated to one of the items in your project breakdown.

Reports are then automatically produced to reflect the project breakdown and to track costs for the various items: Cost Control, T & M Totals, T & M Summaries, and T & M details, Progress Invoice, and much more...

Time and Material Tracker can answer almost any question regarding costs that you may have during your project:

  • How much have you spent on a particular item (eg. roofing) for total costs to date?
  • Are you over or under your total budget?
  • Are you over or under your total budget for painting? for spiral stair? etc.
  • How much have you spent on materials for kitchen cabinets for current costs?
  • How much is your holdback on electrical for total work completed?

Track Time and Materials

Cost Reporting

"Drill down" into project costs and track 4 costs types

Track T & M totals

Track T & M summaries

Track T & M details

Compare the 2 sample reports below and see how they complement each other...

Sample Report One

* Use scroll to view full report

Compare Sample Report One with Sample Report Two and see how they complement each other. For example, in the sample report above (Sample Report One), you can see the total costs to date for each item in your breakdown. If you take a look at the sample report below (Sample Report Two), you will see the time and materials amounts for each item in your breakdown for total costs to date.

Sample Report Two

* Use scroll to view full report

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