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Take on more Cost Plus / Time and Materials contracts

Imagine if you could take more Cost Plus work without increasing your overhead and thereby increase your yearly revenue...

Time and Material Tracker tackles the most “tedious” and “time consuming” type of construction management contract out there in the construction industry today, which is the Cost Plus & T & M contract.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase your revenue

Lots of smaller size construction firms actually “shy away” from taking on work that involves this type of contract because of the tedious nature of the cost reporting, cost tracking, and progress billing that is required. Other construction firms that actually do Cost Plus work are limited to the number of Cost Plus projects that they can take on because of the considerable amount of time and energy that it takes to track costs and to complete the required monthly cost reporting and progress billing. As a result, these construction firms are missing out on potential revenue.

Improve your bottom line

Time and Material Tracker almost becomes a “must have” if a contractor like you wants to take on this type of work and improve your bottom line. Time and Material Tracker saves time and eliminates pain, and meets the needs of its users as it streamlines the cost reporting, cost tracking, and progress billing process in CostPlus contracts.

With Time and Material Tracker, companies that previously “shied away” from Cost Plus contracts can now take on this profitable type of contract, and companies that already do Cost Plus work can take on more, thereby improving their bottom line.

Transparent Cost Reporting...

Learn how you can increase your yearly revenue from Time and Material Tracker software...

Learn how you can win more Time and Materials contracts with Time and Material Tracker

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