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Win more Time and Materials contracts

Use Time and Material Tracker as a marketing tool to win more Time and Materials contracts during construction management interviews...

Imagine that you just sat down for an interview about a new custom home. When questioned about your methods of cost reporting, Time and Material Tracker can be a strength or competitive advantage for you as you can inform your clients that you have an exclusive, niche T & M cost reporting software program that will provide them with transparent cost reports with each progress billing period.

Transparent cost reports that are not within your competitors reach because they would take “hours upon hours” to calculate and create by hand, you can create in a fraction of the time.

Keep your clients happy and maintain a professional image with a minimum amount of effort, and win more construction management / Time and Materials contracts.

Transparent Cost Reporting...

Learn how you can increase your yearly revenue from Time and Material Tracker software...

Learn how you can win more Time and Materials contracts with Time and Material Tracker

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