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Create custom project breakdowns and track time and materials for each item in your custom breakdown

Every time and materials contract begins with a project budget breakdown...

Time and Material Tracker is extremely flexible, in that you can create your own custom project breakdowns with custom description items for each individual T & M contract.

Cost reports mirror your project breakdown

With each progress billing period in each T & M contract, reports are generated to reflect your custom project breakdown and to track costs for each individual item.

Track costs by description items and higher cost categories

If you wish to also track costs by higher cost categories, you can allocate your description items in your project breakdown to custom cost categories of your own making (or to one of the 16 CSI Standard Divisions).

Save time and create budget templates

You can also create and save a project breakdown as a budget template for use in future projects. Whenever you create a new project, you can access a budget breakdown template that you've previously created and saved from which you can modify by adding or deleting budget breakdown items and entering in budget amounts.

Track Budget

Create custom project breakdowns...

Compare budget versus actuals... Are you over or under budget?

Itemize and track extras

Track Total Costs to Date, Previous Costs, and current Costs

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