The easiest way to track, invoice, and report time and materials...
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Total costs to date, previous costs, and current costs are automatically calculated with each progress billing period...

No more headaches associated from having to link spreadsheets / worksheets together, or from trying to manually add up "total costs to date" and "previous costs" which only becomes more tedious and error prone as the project grows...

It has never been easier to track total work completed, previously certified costs, and current costs...

Reports are automatically calculated for you to reflect the total costs to date, previous costs, and current costs for each item in your custom project breakdown.

Ultimate Cost Control

Total work completed is the sum of all time and materials expenses up to and including the current claim, while previously certified costs are the sum of all of the time and materials expenses excluding the current claim. The Value Current are all of the costs for the current progress billing period. The total amount of the value current is the total amount due of the progress invoice for the current claim.

Sample Budget Versus Actuals Report for a Progress Bill # 2

Track Budget

Create custom project breakdowns...

Compare budget versus actuals... Are you over or under budget?

Itemize and track extras

Track Total Costs to Date, Previous Costs, and current Costs

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