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Save money by accurately tracking your budget ...

Are you merely performing guesswork when it comes tracking and reporting your actual costs?

Are you losing money due to consistent oversight on job costs and materials?

The value of being able to accurately track your costs and "know where you are" in relation to your budget throughout a project cannot be underestimated. If not, you are merely performing guesswork as to "where you are", and therefore you put yourself at risk of consistently losing money due to oversight on job costs and materials...

"Know where you are" - Compare estimated versus actual costs...

To eliminate guesswork, Time and Material Tracker produces a “Budget Versus Actuals” report for each progress billing period. Through this report, you can keep a "sharp eye" on project costs and compare your "budget against actual costs" for each description item in your project breakdown for total costs to date, previous costs, and current costs. Identify potential cost overruns before they happen...

Improve your bottom line with ultimate cost control.

Now that you are able to track your project costs with 100% accuracy, you will stop losing money due to consistent oversight on job costs and materials and can maximize your profitability across projects thereby maintaining or improving your bottom line.

Time and Material Tracker will become an invaluable asset to your operations and company.

Track Budget

Create custom project breakdowns...

Compare budget versus actuals... Are you over or under budget?

Itemize and track extras

Track Total Costs to Date, Previous Costs, and current Costs

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